Borbet Alloy Wheels

Below are the different Borbet styles of alloy wheels we have available.

The Borbet brand is recognisable all over the world. Based in Germany they offer a wheel to fit most vehicles on the road. They have made genuine Mercedes wheels and other oem brands so have a very respected name amongst the industry. They also have created a large selection of aftermarket wheels. Whether its a bigger wheel to give it a more aggressive look? Or you’re looking for a different style or colour? Borbet have a wide range of alloys to fit Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Land Rover models and so on. Wheels like the Borbet BLX are popular choice for Jaguar models.

Buying Borbet alloy wheels is simple with MMTAR

Click the wheels that you like and then enter your car details to see if they will fit your vehicle. You will then be able to view and select the tyres of your choice if wanting a wheel and tyre package deal.

Don’t forget to send us the details and photos of your current wheels and tyres if looking to part exchange.

Part exchange deals + finance options can be agreed after details are known by each side and you have chosen the offer that best suits you.