Winter Alloy Wheels And Tyres

Winter Alloy Wheels And Tyres Package

Search through our winter alloy wheels and tyres that we have available in the search bar above. We have filtered out the wheels and tyres that are not suitable for winter use. This is so you can be assured you are buying the correct set for the winter season ahead.

Why Buy A Winter Set?

To keep you safe on the road through the winter months. We often supply customers winter options so when the temperature outside is low you are able to increase the traction on snow and ice on the road compared to normal tyres.

To protect your current wheels when the salt and grit is on the road causing corrosion. Customers often go for a smaller winter alloy wheels. This is to give more protection against water/snow filled pot holes that can’t be seen (make sure they clear your brake system).

Traveling To Different Countries

Some countries require the use of snow tyres between specified dates of the year. Germany, Hungary and Poland are a few examples of this. If planning to drive through a different country this winter be sure to get your car ready if it is mandatory to have winter tyres.